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  • Testimonials

    "Georg has a valuable skillset: A combination of technological expertise, storytelling approaches and UX-orientation. He's a great choice - not only for the concept creation of orchestrated campaigns."


    - Jonathan Faerber - Senior Strategy Consultant - Scholz&Friends



    George is a unique combination of imaginative visionary and pragmatic storyteller.
    His all round intelligence and superb instincts means he can develop major stories in aha! provoking ways. The work he has done for Thriveability Foundation and Project Synergise has been outstanding, and generated massive nr. of views and positive feedback.
    He is also a pleasure to work with, and an all round nice guy who speaks 5 languages on top of that.

    I look forward to working with him on our next project very soon.


    - Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood, Founder ThriveAbility Foundation


    "He is equally capable of coming up with original ideas

    as well as taking charge of already defined concepts, understanding how these fit into the bigger picture of transmedia and marketing. (...)

    Georg's powerful storytelling skills and a strong sense of visual language make him a highly valuable team member."


    - Guillaume de Fondaumiere

    Executive Producer Quantic Dream

    Chairman of European Game Developers Federation (EGDF)


    "Georg is a talent

    who can go far with his interlectual skills

    and a sense visual language."


    - Tue Steen Müller,

    Director of European Documentary Network (EDN) 1996-2005, Tutor consultant and selector for festivals DOCSBarcelona, Magnificent7 Belgrade, DOK Leipzig...



    " (Georg)... can develop creative synergies with his editor, lead the editorial process of a film and motivate and guide the people he works with to bring out the best in them."

    - Frank Behnke Editor, Sound Designer "Run Lola Run"


    "He shows a distinct sensibility for handling powerful and complex subjects that address the generational change regarding the effect of technology on social interaction.(...) Most importantly he owns the ability of pragmatic decision-making in high concept projects."


    - Heidi Gronauner

    Director of ZeLIG tri-lingual school for documentary, television and new media,

    Head of the European Social Documentary training program ESODOC




    I lead and facilitate teams in high concept and high stake digital innovation projects for beneficiaries in the corporate, education and creative sector. My approach is multidisciplinary, hands-on, human-centered and story-based with keen insight into tech/web and the global digital native millennial consumer culture. Im passionate about co-creating multi-stakeholder value by reframing and transforming limiting narratives that block teams, brands and ideas from living up to their full potential.


    I work at the intersection of storytelling, cultural change and technology:


    Brand Storytelling & 360° Campaign Concept Development

    development, production and direction of content suited to today’s media convergence

    engaging narrative formats fitted to media consumption of digital natives

    brand story and edutainment concepts for multi-touchpoint user journeys

    Immersive Games & Game-Based Learning

    original idea development & producer for online games & interactive edutainment

    experience in AAA Game Development: Virtual Camera Scripting & Motion Capture

    concept consulting for Neurofeedback Games & VR

    Human-Centred Digital Interaction Design

    consultancy, concept creation and project management for multi-platform solutions

    interaction design for flow states that accommodate concentration and learning

    implementation of human-centred gamification strategies for web and neurofeedback

    Leading & Facilitating Digital Prototype Development Teams

    digital prototype development & creative pitch management

    leading teams through creative processes

    implementing transformative practices that leverage cultural shifts in teams