about Georg

    Creative Strategist &
    Experience Designer

    Georg is passionate about unleashing the power of authentic storytelling for inspiring brands, purposeful organisations and the good of our global village.

    With his background in game development, VR-Neurofeedback entrainment and good old digital transformation management he loves finding the simplicity on the other side of complexity that reconnects to us on gut level.

    His consultancy work lives at the intersection of exponential technology, immersive media and conscious leadership purposed towards the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”.

    In his spare time you can find him cooking Mexican food, playing with his daughter and hosting Virtual Reality Mindfulness Retreats.

    about me

    Millennial with a cause

    My name is Georg and I'm part of the most privileged generation ever to walk the earth: The Millennials. We are the first generation ever to have access to all the information we can possibly process - a beguiling cornucopia of human knowledge literally at our fingertips.
    In all that flux - where nothing is written in stone, where no institution seems to big too fail - the only pivot point on which we may grasp the world appears to be our very selves - only me-ness seems certain. Maybe that is why my generation has been called the Me Me Me Generation:
    The most image-conscious self-important generation in history. Is that why they're 3 columns on this page?
    Certainly - but that isn't the whole story here - 3 perspectives allow for greater complexity - shedding light on what drives me beyond appearances.

    In order to find meaning in a fragmented world my generation is looking inward. Will we find our original face beyond the "selfie"? Is there a new big picture emerging? A meta-narrative beyond the trend to out-meta everything and everyone, a meta-narrative that speaks to our hearts?
    What will the stories be that enliven the emerging global culture? These are the core questions that drive me in my work and explorations.




    about us

    A humanistic approach to the "information" age and big data:


    What is it that machines can't do?

    "In the 1950s, the bureaucracy was the computer. People were organized into technocratic systems in order to perform routinized information processing. But now the computer is the computer. The role of the human is not to be dispassionate, depersonalized or neutral. It is precisely the emotive traits that are rewarded: the voracious lust for understanding, the enthusiasm for work, the ability to grasp the gist, the empathetic sensitivity to what will attract attention and linger in the mind. Unable to compete when it comes to calculation, the best workers will come with heart in hand."


    The quote above is from the exellent article "What machines can't do" by David Brooks in the New York Times.

    I highly recommend the book "Who owns the future" by Jaron Lanier on this topic.