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    Ubiquity is an accredited global university designed for Social Impact. We believe that young people everywhere must be supported with the skills they need to solve pressing global problems that are threatening the planetary ecology and human society.

    Ubiquity invites activists and students from around the world to join our global community and learn how to have a real impact on real issues. We offer learning experiences toward degrees, certificates and credentials for change makers and social entrepreneurs of all kinds aimed at transforming personal passion into collaborative actions for the greater good.

    Our commitment is to help you unleash your passion, unlock your potential and change the world.


    Project Synergise!

    transmedia platform for synergistic innovation

    Our species has a closing window of opportunity to shift towards a sustainable presence on this planet. If the we fail to course-correct by 2030 we are destined for run-away global warming with disastrous wild-card effects on weather and therefore agriculture, economy and migration


    The purpose of ProjectSynergise! is to design and build a transmedia platform that supports the co-creation of regenerative inclusive business models that will guide us in making crucial course corrections.


    ProjectSynergise! takes places throughout diverse types of media and occasions: Our offering in 2017 includes Live Events & Seminars, Books, Documentary-Film Clips and Social Media outreach on facebook.


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    360° of Empathy

    Innovation hub SEMINAR

    for robert bosch foundation

    The 360° of Empathy Innovation Hub for the Robert Bosch Foundation was held in Paretz, Germany from Friday 31.3 to Sunday 2.4.2017.


    It united an interdisciplinary team of stakeholders (decision makers, artists, educators, psychologists, producers, teenagers, etc.) to pause in their doing for a weekend and think about one of the most pressing political issues today:


    What does information and education need to look like in times of disruptive change? Is learning on a cognitive level still adequate in postfactic, highly subjective environments? How can technology and experience-based learning (VR, 360° video, role play) help cultivate empathy & compassion to prevent hate speech in digital enviroments?


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    Innovation Hub

    Enabling Corporate Structures to innovate 

    I have codeveloped an organisational prototype that allows large cooperations to collaborate with freelancers on interdisciplinary innovation projects.


    It's design is based on integral principles - such as creating a coherent we space and bringing diverse types and skill-sets together for a shared mission.


    The full paper is 32 pages and has been published in the German e-magazine frank, a shorter version was published in the german HR magazine Personalwirtschaft.


    Stay tuned for me on this topic!


    Read the article in the Personalwirtschaft Magazine (German)

    Check out the full version (German)


    Accountmanager & consultant

    Customer & User Journeys, Brand Storytelling, Gamification, Serious Games, Game-Based Learning


    SIRUP creates and develops holistic user-experiences for clients from the field of education, culture and business. The interdisciplinary team at our full-service agency loves to combine their insight into cutting edge interface- and game design with the latest technological trends in Web & App development.


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    Nicolas Geyrhalter Filmproduktion

    digital storytelling consultant

    Documentary and feature film production


    Founded by Nikolaus Geyrhalter in 1994, with Markus Glaser, Michael Kitzberger and Wolfgang Widerhofer joining as partners in 2003, the core competence of NGF lies in the production of documentary and feature films for theatrical release as well as high quality works for television.

    NGF works with directors and authors who have a strong and innovative style and a passion and understanding for their respective medium—be it the big screen or television. Fascinating stories that are tangible and moving, implemented in formats that are radically new.


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    Mind Media

    Digital brand storytelling & gamification consultant

    Bio- and neurofeedback solutions


    Mind Media offers innovative medical technology for measuring and training mind-body functions to improve human health and performance. Mind Media provides solutions for clinicians, health professionals and researchers who need to feedback the physiological activity of the human body and nervous system.


    Since its foundation, Mind Media has been ­creating leading edge products for biofeedback and neurofeedback. With NeXus systems and BioTrace+ software, Mind Media is known for its best physiological feedback technology in the world. Our products are ­distributed through a network of resellers in over 50 countries.


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    Haus der Kulturen der Welt

    Anthropocene Project

    "the heart is a wildfire"

    Virtual Reality Experience for Oculus Rift

    cREDITS: writer & director

    About the VR Experience "The heart is a wildfire"


    How does the Anthropocene hypothesis touch us personally? Why should we care? Why is the Anthropocene more than just another temporary popular term? What kind of art or medium of expression would do justice to the Anthropocene's claim of representing our 21st century cosmology?

    As the subject (humanity) faces its non-separateness from the presumed object (nature), the canvas dissolves into the entire field of view: Virtual reality becomes the living artwork of the Anthropocene age. How can immersion in a virtual realm help to close the feedback loop between the individual and the planet? Which perspectives could we take there, to broaden our understanding of these complex times?


    Game designer Georg Boch & painter Tijmen Brozius explore the implications of anthropocene art via the cocnept & art development for a virtual reality experience for the Oculus Rift.


    check out the project website


    About HKW Berlin

    The Haus der Kulturen der Welt is a place for international contemporary arts and a forum for current developments and discourse. Located in the capital city of Berlin, it presents artistic productions from around the world, with a special focus on non-European cultures and societies.


    About the Anthropocene project


    Humanity has become a geological force – the driving force behind the transformations of our planet. This is expressed by the word Anthropocene: the “geological era of man.” Worldwide, academics and artists are grappling with the Anthropocene model, drawn by its explanatory power to diagnose the present and envision future scenarios. This is the point of engagement for the media competition FUTURE STORYTELLING.

    What stories – be they fact, fiction, mythology, or history – can be told about the Anthropocene transmedially?


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    Alternate Reality Game


    Writer & Director

    Why do we seek Virtual Reality?


    "Weavers Exit" is an alternate reality game on the development process of the virtual reality experience "initiations" - starting with the disappearance of VR enfant terrible and code wunderkind Chen Deida. Weaving together the real developments in consumer virtual reality and the mysteries surrounding the game studio “8th circuit” players enter a virtual maze to solve the riddle of what really happened to Chen Deida and his team by combining clues from development diaries, concept art and facebook time-lines.


    Weaver's Exit has been selected for the


    Fermo MEDIARS 2014

    Visiting Artist Scholarship

    Fermo, Le Marche Italy 2014

    How can we use digital storytelling to truly bring the history and culture of a region alive?


    I have joined fellow filmmakers, artists, designers and experts at Fermo in Le Marche Italy, as we explored modern storytelling techniques and produce a project for the town of Fermo.

    Using new media tools, the workshop Fermo 2014 crafted an innovative interface to tell stories on the town of Fermo, its richness in history, characters and traditions. MEDIARS FERMO 2014 Mentor was John Bruno: Academy Award winner and six-time Oscar nominee in the field of Visual Effects.  Johns long relationship with James Cameron includes such films as The Abyss, True Lies, Terminator 2/3D, Titanic and Avatar. He was also a co-founder of Digital Domain.


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    Fix OskarX

    Online Game/Web-Series/Live-Event

    Berlin, Germany 2013

    Credits: Original Idea, New Media Producer

    How can cross media activate young voters?


    In the transmedia event and serious game "Fix OskarX" young voters are involved in the story of the android OskarX who is looking to recover his political memory in the days leading up to the german federal elections 2013. Fix OskarX takes political education to the next level by the gamification of political knowledge through a compelling story world that engages young voters in political discourse by mixing a comedy sci-fi story with real world events. In the weeks leading to the election users helped the android OskarX recover his political memory by solving data-quests dealing with most important topics of election .The fictional character OskarX interviewed top candidates of German parties in Berlin, showed up on popular youtube channels and hosted real life events in the city.


    Fix OskarX was featured on the politics and election page of Google Germany and supported by G.A.M.E. (German Games Industry Association).


    Produced by mesh Collective & UFA

    Funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, MBB and Google Germany.


    Case Study by Mesh Collective (German)


    Beyond Two Souls

    Marketing Game Capture Artist, Director: Beyond Two Souls Making Of

    Paris, France 2011-2013

    How does performance capture technology impact acting and interactive storytelling?


    The highly innovative interactive thriller Beyond Two Souls by Quantic Dream for Sony Playstation explores the uncharted territory at the intersection of cinema and video-games. Pioneering a new kind of interactive narrative it is the first title to have A-List actors such as Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe star in the leading roles while capturing their performance via motion capture.

    As Camera Scripter it was my role to capture and edit game trailers and teasers for marketing.

    Working at Quantic Dream for two years I filmed the extensive development and shooting process creating the 30min making of documentary "beyond the cast".


    Beyond: Two Souls is available for PlayStation 4


    BEYOND: Two Souls Making Of - Capturing Performance

    BEYOND: Two Souls Making Of - Willem Dafoe Behind The Scenes


    Facebook's Adorno changed my life

    Web-Documentary 28 min

    Bolzano, Italy 2010

    Credits: Director

    Produced by Zelig - School for Documentary, Television and new media

    Can social media help us bring philosophy into our everyday life?


    Theodor Adorno was an influential member of the Frankfurt School of social theory — a German-born intellectual who fled Nazi Germany for America, and whose work anticipates and informs much post-modern theory. In this revolutionary "participatory documentary," digital filmmaker Georg Boch, one of more than 200 people that belong to a Facebook group called "Adorno Changed My Life," sets out to learn how Adorno's work has touched the group's lives. "Facebook's Adorno changed my life" resists the temptation to offer a potted guide to the philosopher's thought. Instead, it allows its participants to set the terms of the conversation, and to reveal their relationships to Adorno's work. - Icarus Films

    Distributed by Icarus Films, New York


    On facebook's Adorno changed my life:


    "...uses the methods of digital space to critique the ideology of digital space...an excellent example of succinct documentary storytelling."

    — Troy Belford, Anthropology Review Database



    “ ...is an experimental exercise in marshaling user-generated content ...raising our awareness of how rapidly-changing digital social environments stimulate perplexing questions of personal identity..."

    —Educational Media Reviews Online


    “...by using Facebook as a springboard, the filmmaker also demonstrates how individuals of disparate background can be brought together online to share a common enthusiasm or obsession."

    —Video Librarian



    "An extraordinary documentary experiment about people’s self-expression and our hyper-networked world where Facebook members debate books over the internet.

    — Katrin John, DokFest Munich



    Watch the trailer!


    Berlinale European Film Market
    Dok Market Leipzig
    International Short-Film Festival Hamburg
    Western Psychological Association Film Festival
    Persistence/Resistance Festival New Delhi
    Minneapolis St.Paul Film Festival
    Doc Scient Rome
    DOK Fest Munich

    ZagrebDox International Documentary Festival

    River Film Festival Padua


    Short-Film 15 min

    Mexico City, Mexico 2011

    Credits: Director

    How does social media change hospitality world-wide?

    Couchsurf takes the couch-surfing romanticism into the wild of the 25 million-inhabitant metropolis Mexico City D.F.


    Maia is hosting Jonas, a young men that is going to sleep on her couch. They are not acquainted with another, only from what they have read about each other in their profiles on couchsurfing.org, an internet hospitality-platform, where strangers from all over the world are looking for adventure through hosting and being hosted. Everything goes according to plan until Ana, another couch-surfer, shows up.



    Ignacio Riva Palacio “Juegos Innocentes“ as Jonas
    Denitza Garcia “Las Aparicio“ as Maia
    Valeria Maldonado “El Efecto Tequila“ as Ana


    Distributed by Vodo.net


    Watch the teaser!




    The Sued Generation

    Essay Documentary 16min

    Bolzano, Italy 2009

    Credits: Director

    Produced by Zelig - School for Documentary, Television and new media

    How can copyright and digital mashup culture be reconsiled?


    A technology is changing the reality of perception, production and distribution of media for my entire generation: File-Sharing. "The sued generation" is the essay on my experience of a parallel digital culture and its clash with copyright: ultimately the conflict between image copyright today and our media-literacy.



    Tampere Film Festival

    The Norwegian Short Film Festival

    Jihlava International Documentary Festival

    Czech Republic East Silver Market


    Distributed by OnlineFILM Italy